Posted by: foodtraveller | February 13, 2010

My 3rd Buffet Hotel Favorite!

Latitude, Trader’s Hotel

Would you believe that I just watched “tara lets” at the tv a day before we tried Latitude? What a coincidence. Anyway, the front ambiance is relaxing and pretty. Inside the lightning was not my favorite. It was bright for me. The couch was my favorite ~ classic.

Latitude of Traders Hotel

Enjoying the food is my ultimate thing. That’s why I failed to capture most photos this time (awww, it is not me!), but then again I have some. I let the waitress took a single shot. The first plate I got was for my daughter & niece a croissant and doughnut. But no one likes it! How in the world? I love croissant! Well that’s for me then. I tasted everything! And I feel bloated. I tasted all the juices and I think I gained 100 lbs! The thing is I kept on requesting lot of little things at the counter like water, straw, creamer … something like that, but they served very well. It just that I am used to getting what I need in my table (not at the counter?).

enjoying the buffet breakfast!

The little tots ate rice. My husband wants a heavy breakfast for the kids since they just run and jump the whole day! I was like hey dont run, hey please stop. But they cant be stopped. I also got them mango juice (their ultimate fave!). They ate pansit and roated chicken. The roasted chicken was left at their plate (my husband said because it was not beautifully cooked ~not wearing make up or forgot the moisturizer I guess LOL). They ate lot of fruits and that makes me happy.

there are lot of food variety to choose at the buffet table

My husband and I made our own salad. After 13 years of knowing each other I just found out that he doesnt like capers and olives in which I am a fan. Happy me (of knowing that accidentally)! My husband tried the lomi and it taste okay. I love my breads. Breads are my ultimate comfort food. Bacons ~ who in the world doesnt want the fatty bacon? I just wonder why they fried it in oil so much? It was burned and crumpled. But who cares? ~~ bacons are the best health evil! Have I forgot to mention everything? Oh well…

I love the way my husband deliver sweet lines for me. I will never forget that! I will cherished this day. I love him more everyday. I love to see smiles from my daughters pretty lips. My soul again was feed. I am so happy!

*Yes I will recommend Latitude’s breakfast buffet. The price is expensive but you will able to choose various food at the table from all over the continent. Enjoy and chill 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!


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