Posted by: foodtraveller | February 7, 2010

Family Day Event 2010

stage 🙂 the baloons make me smile even in this hot day!

This isnt really a “real family day” that we usually do every weekend. This day was an event at my daughter’s school where parents gather all together for a some celebration and they call it FAMILY DAY.

Made effort to make curl her hair 🙂

I remember what Sister Agnes share before the mass starts: “make everyday YOUR family day!” Isnt that a great advice? I love the way she spiel it out. I guess that will make every family on earth bond and stay forever. Family is the greatest thing we ever had in our lives.

my pretty daughter 🙂

We had lot of things explored during this day. I’ve got to meet parents I never seen before and then got some bonding moments with my friends in which I called “co-mommy”.

my daughter's friends

Overall, we (I and my daughter) got to enjoy the sunny day with full of smiles and LOVE in my heart. I just wish that next year my husband will be here to join us.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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