Posted by: foodtraveller | February 6, 2010

Another Fake Coffee Flavor

Zagu, Savemore Nagtahan

coffee smoothie (not my fave) gave it to my sister

Taking some errands at the grocery store, my mind always had this long time question “Is Zagu’s Coffee with pearls yummy?”. When I say yummy that means I am delightfully satisfied. I ordered their biggest size because Im a fan of pearls. I asked the crews if they can recommend “any” of their coffee based smooties a guy answered like this “just choose any of the flavor you like, the names are posted above (their menu)”. I frown, they dont even know what their products are. For me, in order to communicate with your customer and feed their satisfaction you must know your product very well. But then again I ordered a Cafe Latte. From the name itself it must have a taste of coffee -somewhere & somehow. Ive waited a great exciting E.Q. to sip that at home just to find out that it taste more of the chocolate ice cream (same taste like Seattle’s Best Coffee – so creamy smoothie that kids will like). Unfortunately its not my thing. I am looking for a bitterly-taste one. But atleast trying something new would always feed our soul! Next time you want something and your palette is looking for a thing you already tasted, you can have it now without the fear that your money will be wasted. I just hope that these people who open up businesses like this would mean a true thing. When you speak of coffee it is coffee. When you speak of ice cream it is ice cream. One thing more, their people should also be trained to answer customer querries so that the customer would not expect much. This one? I didnt taste any bit of coffee at all! For the benefit of the doubt I just think that the crew put a wrong powder on the blender (though I’ve seen the container he put the right one +_+) to tell myself to still smile.

Thanks for reading everyone.


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