Posted by: foodtraveller | February 5, 2010

Benefits of a Coffee (and so as its risk)

Starbucks Coffee

I include all my unposted coffee ventures. My UPS & DOWNS moment with a tear dropping and a coffee on the other hand.

one of my business meeting sometime ordering caramel frap

All of a sudden I think of sharing some thoughts of what really is or should I say “are” the benefits as well as the negative side of drinking coffee.

espresso frap while reading my fave author's book

Key word is ENOUGH CONSUMPTION. The on going 22 years of study at Harvard University shows beneficial and harmful effects of coffee consumption. The average moderate amount that can be consumed by an individual is 3 to 5 cups only. That is 50 to 100 mg of caffeine or 5 to 10 g coffee powder a day. Excessive amount can be life threatening. Coffee’s negative effect blame on the caffeine that would mean that coffee isnt for everybody.

i think this was last Christmas

As far as my knowledge is concern (upon some research due to coffee fascination) these are the benefits:
1. Reduces the risk of Alzeimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease, Cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes 2.
2. Anti-oxidants
3. Reduced the feeling of depression

Harmful effects of coffee:
1. Cause of sleep disturbances & insomia
2. Diarrhea and Gastric ache
3. Decrease & increase of appetite

this is the latest: just today while reading my new book about PARTY PLANNING & SOME PARTY RECIPE

Coffee played an important role to my life. Whenever I am lonely sipping that bitter sweet taste makes me feel okay. Contrasting to other’s belief that coffee would make you feel more depressed, to me it made me smile. Maybe that only proves that the benefits and risks of drinking one has different effect on different individual. I may also say that since I sip coffee and enjoy the pleasure I became youthful. Im already 30 years old but some think Im just a college student down town (I’ll take that as a compliment). Well these are just my thoughts. It may be not for you but for me there is always a pleasure finishing a hot or cold cup of coffee while reading and at the same time listening to a very slow beat of calming music. Cheers!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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