Posted by: foodtraveller | February 4, 2010

My Top 5 Pantry Must Have

Here goes the kitchen magic

What makes me write this one? Well I just want to share my kitchen warriors. Most of the people asked me what made me think shifting a career from a Banker to a Chef? I only have same one line to answer, I am a lover of food. Wow! It is a statement I may share!!!!!

As early as 10 years old I, together with my three other sisters are a great cook and food enthusiast. Back to those years I dont even know the meaning of the word PASSION FOR FOOD. I love the feeling when I got to invent a recipe out of scrap and left overs, but now Im bigger and better, I had this list of ingridients my pantry cant live without and here are the top 5 picks:

look at how tiny they are! But this tiny thing taste so GREAT!

1. Little Potatoes: Two years ago I found this amazing ingridient that can only be seen (as far as my exploration is concern) at the local grocery story (meaning at the mall). I found this little thing with such an amazing taste that is different from the local potatoes that we normally buy at the store, or wet market. Now that I had this abundant stuff on my stocks I am pressured to cook it all in all my recipes. My sister once tasted this the first time and it became her favorite. In local wet market this was seldomly seen. This is cheaper (for me) compared to normal size potatoes. Thumbs up for me!!!

this will never be out on my stock!

2. Bell Peppers: Since I started cooking from this time on I love the contrasting fuming sweetness of these bell peppers with different colors. I love putting it up on the grill or pan and see their colors so refreshing in the eye. Contradicting to what others known this is sweet (for me) and a subtle of fire taste. I can add this to lot of dishes! A thank you nature thing!

I had a peppery taste buds & the salt kills that!

3. Salt and Pepper: Oh well, I didnt include this to spices because this two has such a special place in my table and of course my heart. I love the spicy little bits of the pepper and the salt kills the boredom of my creation. That is why they also have a special container just for them. Nice!

My super dooper HEALTH obsession

4. Tomatoes: Its red color plus the smooth skin equals beauty that my soul to keep. This ingridients makes me think that I want to be healthy always. I want to enjoy life more. I want to make it a juice and include this to all my dishes (as much as possible). Tomatoes are really an Asian thing I guess. I love Asian dishes. I can cook it everyday! Good for me!

Spices spice the kitchen and its recipe

5. Spices and herbs of all sorts: Lastly, my secret ingridient. My ultimate palate breaking gift to my whole being. I collect different kinds, but since Philippines is such a limited country for some famous herbs, I stick to dry ones. I got to love sweet basil in w/c I tried to include on my Italian version of my spagetti (my expertise). The remaining leaves are to dried up and put in the container. All spices are calming to me. If ever to choose I want to finished collecting everything in my cabinet. I think that would be around 200 spices or more!

My love for food makes me want to dream planting them in my own backyard when if I want them in my dishes (fresh) I will be able to just harvest them and will always be available. This are just TOP 5 I have plenty of important ingridient! Life is beautiful and amazing!

Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. From a banker to a chef just because of love for food? Wow!
    You really inspire people to take bold decisions. And your kitchen seems to be a treasure trove of spices, herbs and all sorts of ingredients.
    So we both have this thing in common…love for food! And we are willing to go to any length.

    • hi! Good to know we have the same passion. It is always a “loving thing” to love food and enjoy it w/ the one you love, offer your creation to them and it relieves your soul. If you love a thing/someone I know you will never go wrong.. Keep loving what you love and enjoy life. Thanks for reading 🙂 see you around.

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