Posted by: foodtraveller | January 28, 2010

Blood sucks, I mean …

UST, (Laboratory) Manila

my cat pillowing my business phone & keyboard at 3am

Before my appointment to the laboratory, I cant sleep (literally). There are things wandering in my head. They are roaming like crazy mouse stuck in my brain. But then again my cat accompanied me in this insomiac night. Later that I realized that after a while MIOAMING fell asleep right in front of my keyboard while Im tweeting & reading and watching t.v. +_+

As early in the morning I had this number!

Prior to that date, the doctor advice me for a fasting, like 8 hours atleast but I was on fasting like 15 hours every night for 3 months now. The last three months was not planned. It happenned when you had this terrible pain and worries, you become less prone to eating. I guess that was cool. I actually 10 pounds lighter than October 2009. But the problem is I need resistance to sickness, and if Im healthy I can win the battle of it.

Laboratory, clean, calm and smiling med tech crews

Early morning as I went to visit the pathologist assigned to me, I was #71 and find out that the number called was just on #60. I imagine how hard to wait. But being on the paying ward was a different experience. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE TO EXPRESS MY OBSERVATION WITH REGARDS TO “MY OWN” EXPERIENCE TO PAYING A PRIVATE LAB VS. PAYING A PUBLIC LAB. I dont know if that would be a big issue (as I blog it)??!!?

I pay almost P10,000.00 for the whole list of my test. The experience was quite happy and satisfied. I was waiting calmly and ease at the airconditioned room and comfortable chair. The cashiers and the pathologist/s are all accommodating and polite. The whole room is clean and calm. Everything is perfect not to stress the patient. They even asked me lot of questions like am I comfortable with the chair Im seating and am I scared, things like that.

Years ago, I also experience having done test/s at other laboratory that I will refused to name. It is a paying laboratory BUT I believe that the price speaks for itself. Its so hot, everyone is perspiring. No one would like to assist you at any means (you have to wait for your number to be called w/c is definitely miles away). I dont have a chair then until I was called. The room was a bit not good for my perfectionist ideals. The results were released after a week and mind you! It was released because you are fuming mad to the one answering the phone as you often follow up if your papers are there to be picked up.

my receipt! YES IT IS LONG!!!!

Above are just my judgement of what happen to me. It may not happen to you and Im glad. Im stating in my behalf so please try to understand. Im not stating a discrimination of status quo but pointing out that this can be resolved, paying or not paying laboratories.

i am terribly knocked out after so instead taking the test tubes some shots I failed, my heart pumping so fast and I believe thats what the doctor told me not to have PANIC RAGE.

To share, my husband told me that it is okay to spend time and money trying that lab, and at the same time as a sick person accompanying “yourself” to the hospital – – i need a calm nice place to do my tests. Plus it is amazingly 15minutes away from my place (if not traffic). My husband was pleased. He called me up and Im in the voice he never expect. It was like I am excited to be called? He said that is a good sign that I was not stressed at all. He liked it.

these are the result. Nicely print attention to my doctor (but I opened it!) and in envelope. I got it asap! That was the fastest result I ever experience. Faster that counting ballots!!!!

The results: Well Im not good reading it but I researched so much to find out whats wrong with me. I even went to a local bookstore to sneaked out some book/s and read it there (w/c I often do: confession). Now I had a clue. I immediately texted my husband and also try to mention what’s up and whats my research all about. He told me just one line – youre not a doctor to know those stuffs!

the text message I received from my baby KIM 🙂 sweeeeet! I love it!

Over all experience:Yes I hate blood. The main reason why I didnt chose to study any blood related course down in college even I love Science, Botany and Chemistry so much! I hate the smell of the hospital. I vomit. Weird, but yes I vomit. I immediately took shot thru my phone all details of this venture. I talk to my journal and write down thoughts while waiting my turn. I love my pen that day (it cooperates!). But trying to be comfortable (if we have means) isnt that bad. It is a venture our soul will benefit. As a coward lady like me I need this calm and friendly place, I didnt have the chance to think whats the real reason why I was there at all. The experience did open up so many knowledge (in w/c I love to have). I want to buy new book about blood (not the vampire and wolves book- mind you all!) that will eventually feed my hunger brain of a lot of why’s and how. I remember college days where I got the highest grade of 1 (uno) on my ANATOMY (share: my teacher is from Harvard University) subject asking the explanation in essay form of “WHY THE BLOOD IS RED?” .. Cool.

Lesson: If just in case you can do the insurance thing, do it. Its very hard to spend a penny for a surprise sickness. I wish everyone in this world will be as comfortable as I am during my visit to the doctor. Im not saying do the same thing I did, its never applicable to all. It just happen my husband decided to do it for me. To spend the amount (I hate to release) fro my benefit. Its very hard to be alone during this wild days. Im not that lucky. I still envy people who was in the local lab but w/ their love ones to support them (so never envy my venture!). Going home alone is like in a battle where you fought 100 vs. you alone. Well, that is life. Life is craze +_+ But Im contented.

Thanks everyone for reading!


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