Posted by: foodtraveller | January 27, 2010

Moleskine, Is it worth?

I want you so much!!!

I always have passion on collecting notebooks and pen (weird). I can finished the whole 100 pages in less than a week just to write my thoughts on it. I also have couple of collections where my poems are featured. I also have notebooks where my sketches are filed and properly drawn. All I know I need to have so many reserved notebooks and lot of pens (weather in different ball point or colors!).

what! almost P1200.00 ???? +_+

I found this notebook (in which I LOVE) at our local national bookstore. Its not best seller, not because of its quality because I found every pages of this notebook as GRADE A and so beautiful. When we speak of colors for cover, it doesnt have prints but the colors are very cool & warm. Pretty indeed!

Display. So cool!

The only problem with this notebook is it is VERY EXPENSIVE. It would cost you a lot of money for just (assumption) a 40-50pcs pages of smooth beige paper. I want to have that soon for my collection/s. I dont just collect a blank notebook, definitely it will have my thoughts in it. A never ending thoughts of everything in my mind.

this is what I want to do with it! JOURNAL +_+

Moleskine. Thats the brand name of the notebook I want. It is actually made in Italy. It is covered with oil cloth and the paper is made of smooth cream pad. I dont know if the history itself made the smallest notebook priced at P1200.00 and the biggest notebook priced at P5000.00. Some famous artist used those kind of notebooks (in the mid 19-20th century) were Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Henry Matisse. They used it as impression paper and sketch pad.

If you will ask me if is this kind of notebook worth the price? Is it worth for keep. I now stand for the word YES IT IS. For me everything useful to feed your mind for creativity and artistry is always worth every price. It is like why I bought those precious paint brush and, canvass and paints (plus the fact that you have to frame the canvass after…).

Me, I will have those (even one please) I will used it as my journal. Story of my life. My dreams and vision in life. I guess I have to fill my piggy bank’s tummy then! WISH ME LUCK!!!


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