Posted by: foodtraveller | January 24, 2010

Who invited who?

Starbucks, E. Rodriguez

I am not sure who invited who in this coffee date. As far as I know we are both sick and will go on a check up. First itinerary was QUIAPO but unfortunately due to rally (commemoration of mendiola massacre in the 80s) the vehicles are opt to stop. Second stop we decided to go coffee. Third stop, we went to UST for laboratory stuffs. Fourth stop – wet market! We bought some ornamental decoration >> PLANTS.

my eldest sister who wants strawberry frap and choco dipped doughnuts!

My sister isnt a fan of coffee based products (but according to her except HERSHEY’S COFFEE). I ordered a strawberry Frappucino and added some chocolate dipped doughnuts — “my treat!”

i ordered for sausage roll & espresso (my sis love the roll too!)

Here is the squeak!
We talk about lot of things especially the new YAYAs we have at home. Its a little odd I guess. Second option and back up plan was made here in this coffee shop 🙂

my sis (in violet) what a great talk!

Not surprisingly, my husband call up!

I dont know if I will smile or frown. Honestly we still have issues to iron out that day and it made me uneasy talking to him +_+ . But as God said, HUMILITY will always be our bullet to sufferings 🙂

my happy/smiling sister

This day was quite a heck, but we did had lot of things done & talk about which we never used to do. I wish all my sisters are here to join. It will be fun! Hope that happen… winxs*


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