Posted by: foodtraveller | January 24, 2010

Now SHE invited me!

7/11, Nagtahan

I can sense that my sister is worried and needed a break. I always tell her when she need a break — a single sip or two of coffee will always make her feel good! After a while while I was in the kitchen she told me “can we just have coffee?” … I said “of course!”

10-15mins walk away from my place

After dinner, (by the way I cooked PORKCHOP STEAK) we walk to the convenience store, ordered her fave coffee (the biggest one!) and now I can see her smile. I always want her to smile. Who doesnt want a person to smile?! We didnt talk/chat much.. we just walk until we headed home. After, we went to our own room and locked. That’s it! It is not actually the coffee, its how you want a person be with you, support him/her in every manner she/he want it to be.

my eldest sister (sorry its dark - its 930pm)

pia my niece hand & a doughnut! I gave kids a doughnuts

Hershey’s Vanilla Cappucino of 7/11 is the best to sip when hot. My daughter hate the taste (she told me it taste like medicine). She doesnt even finished the doughnut from Mister Donuts from same store. I like doughnuts! To whatever form it might be 🙂 But as I am sipping the last 5 coffee slurp, it taste bitter. Hershey’s always like that! When cold, its different story (but I dont know if it happen to you or to some, Im speaking on my experience).

I had a smile. I know my sister will have a peaceful night…


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