Posted by: foodtraveller | January 23, 2010

Mystery Pain


i hate you C.T. SCAN (scared)

My daughter accompany me to the doctor 3days ago to solve the mystery of the severe headache that ive been experiencing these past few… YEARS??? Yes, its been years since that head ache exist. First it was bearable then the latter part that lead me to the doctor was a severe headache, total blindness on my right eye, blurred vision on my left eye and a numbness to my right section of my face & some body parts. Was those symptoms scary? It is to me!

waiting for my number, ooppsss doctor wasnt here yet!

I decided to seek consultation and medication to a specialist -“NEUROLOGIST” from a well known hospital in Manila. The doctor arrived after 5hours of waiting. My daughter has been patient to accompanied me but there are times that she will asked me wheres the doctor? As much as I want to answer her I cant because I dont even know the answer to that question. But there are lot of unanswered questions still lies at the back of my mind. Seeing my daughter makes me feel I need to be brave.

while waiting for the doctor, its been 3hours!

I met some patients. Some went home after an hour of two of waiting. So after signing up on the number 17 patient we were down and called as #3! Our wait was worth it! To add on the info, we arent on the public consultation office. Yes we are in the private section of the hospital. We are intend to pay four times the regular doctor’s fee (and I am not joking!).

its been 4 hours of waiting! she's bored +_+

I met an old couple named Rina and Vic Vargas who’s very positive and inspiring on how they accept there lives in a way. She even gave me a tip before going to our doctor. I love to see them again – but hope not because they are sick again but they are well already.

Ive talked to the doctor. Gave me the real deal (and I want to kept it first because that wasnt final). Gave me lot of advices bt I guess Im so confused. Gave me medicine to take and after finding out how expensive it will be, I feel more scared. I had 10 laboratory test which means I need 10 cylinder of blood that will came from a 10 syringe/s (i know it will hurt me).

The night I tried it, I must admit and tell you that nothing happens. It just made me feel groggy and dizzy but the pain still there. To spiel it out “this is all about the brain-thing”… and as I bought the tablets I still need an I.D. to buy one (that means there’s a little seriousness over this mystery pain…)

this is my baby that accompaby me to wait for 5 hours!

After this day I found out lot of things. I found out who loves me. I may not be a perfect person but I am very sure myself that i love LOVE and trying my best to remain a hopeless romantic. This challenge will make me and my husband strong.

Everytime my headache attack I will let God hug* me and praise His goodness of still giving me a beautiful 30 years. I am ready to whatever that will happen but to clarify – i am not afraid of death. Whatever they will found out after a week I am so sure that God will never forsake me.

see you HK in a few months 🙂

P.S. I dont know but I guess this is relevant. Before this general check up thing happen to me I plan to visit HONGKONG. And after the revelation I can sense that me and my daughter have to go outside the country and we are so READY!

Im not provoking that I will die soon but who knows?!



  1. I wish my Nokia E71 was good.. I have my digicam w/ me but I dont want a scene there so I used my phone camera … then its not just a good shot. Like my eyes – – – its blurred and I feel more blind! 🙂

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