Posted by: foodtraveller | January 18, 2010

Serenity that I Found


a hill so high, great place to scream!

top view, its a wow!

I just found this serenity place in the midst of Quezon City, Philippines where you can have a very relaxing day. Its my first time to visit the place. I found it beautiul. I didnt even count how many times I mention the word WOW while walking and taking a glance on the wonderful plants & species.

wow i love the colors 🙂 there few of these colors

i love the bloody red color .. the color is great in the eye

I never got the chance to take pictures of the whole place because of amazement but I want to share some of it. As per the residents of Quezon City this heaven-like place is a former forest where NPA (rebelious group) hides. Not far from the forest is a Military Camp where the military actually stays for some hunt.

the grass is my soul 🙂

pechay! i saw it close. so this is how it looked like.

Most of the visitors here are “family”. Well I may say that this place really is for family. A very nice place to talk. The breeze is close to province-like air. The trees are great way to breathe all your angers out. The greens makes your mind smiling like you dont have any problems at all.

mushroom in my wooden chair +_+

a photo of the top. stairs are great exercise!

Inside you will see a swimming pool that opens in the morning until 4pm. The water used are salty. The streams & some small ponds are located everywhere. Most of the trees has their own name plate & scientific name. There are exercising tools all over. It was actually designated to be the health area. Beams and other wood tools. Some I saw use this place for pictorials, group project’s meeting and some theatrical art meduim for school submission— cool! I also saw boat riding, rapel and rock climbing area. What a treat.

green grass... i love how they sway!

swaying red grass ... farmville 🙂

If you were to ask me if I ever go back here, I’ll answer YES. No doubt. Im looking for serenity and here you go, God gave me an answer. I found this a good mind sweeping and soul finding for me.


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