Posted by: foodtraveller | January 16, 2010

I am not a fan but sure I ate it!

Starbuck’s Chocolate Dip Doughnut

i hate chocolate but i love this damn day, guess i need to rebel!

oh well, here we go again. Im tired and damn questioning the whole world WHY ME? So again as my comfort zone I went to my favorite coffee shop in w/c I think twice before deciding but then again I did choose the place. First its bigger place. There’s no day that I went there that I have to let someone finished his coffee before I got a chair or a table. The place is my own office I may say!

I dont like sweets. Though Im a pastry chef, I kinda have a hard time tasting some sweets I make. So as a rebel (term) I rather bite for a Choco Donut! I did finished it too. I enjoy every bite & smile on every bite. Plus sipping my favorite espresso. Though my senses get activated my consolation is to have an ultimate wonderful silent moment for writing my thoughts in mind.

my stuffs... i cant leave w/o a book, pen, paper, calling cards and cellphone!

Way back College, I found myself loving writing thoughts. Writing simple poems or short stories of some sorts. Im always fascinated w/ pens & papers. Pens and Papers… nice name… nice business name! Well, I love my poem collection that I make when Im stressed or happy. I didnt imagine that a food you not normally love will give you such a wonderful feeling. I love it.

I guess my puff pastries (my comfort food) will now be alarmed that I now have an option aside from croissant. I love it so much. I love the food. I love the taste. I love this hate-day. A bad day turn to good one after knowing that I still can love the things I never like to try.

Chocolate Dip Doughnut + Espresso = smile



  1. Yummy looking donut, it s a shame starbucks does not ‘globalize’ its best product; I am still waiting for chantico chocolate

    Starbucks in France has a lot of catch up to do with the US;


    • sorry to hear that +_+ i thought they are… (thanks now i had an idea) but here in the Philippines not all branches has the same pastries in their display ref… geee +_+

      thank you for dropping by!

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