Posted by: foodtraveller | January 15, 2010


My inspiration: grass

I belong to a family of a real painter. My grandfather was a painter and most of our family members has are so creative. My younger sister is most expressive about it. This year I promise myself that I will enhance and practice my crafts more and concentrate of these things.

my painting at my office/library 🙂

I chose grass as an inspiration because it gives me a deeper meaning and thought. I always call my sister grass and also discuss the issue with my husband. I know Im weird but I love the symbolic grass mean in my life. If I had my own house to keep I will definitely follow what Daphne of Urban Zone share, that we can actually have our own indoor grass. Wow. Amazing.

waiting to dry then ready for framing +_+ happy me!

Today is a very stressive day for me. I got to bump a person whom you hate to see. Then I received a stupid text from someone. Also got a bad timing news from a friend about sort of things. I hate this day but I didnt go to any coffee shop for escape. I didnt. Its just that I want to finish this painting though this is too simple for me.

After finishing this it kinda help me to lessen the baggage that I have. It helped me relax my mind. It helped me to undergo some sort of self recuperation. I always tell my self “hey I moved on” but this painting will show that I am not. Some etails are shaking. It reflects how my anger shake my hand. I want to released everything to this canvass.

You will see me sharing more of my works here. I hope I did make sense. I love arts so much! It hugs me in time of loneliness.


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