Posted by: foodtraveller | January 8, 2010

Haters can Swim

“I drowned my pain away, but the haters knew how to swim. Good thing you were my life saver.” – love strings

Hello 2010! Oh my, my first 2010 problem was happen last night. Its actually nothing. Some haters trying to ruin your life. Apology was sent through her sister but of course sorry will never bring back the teary damaged. I let the pain drowned but the haters can swim! Thank God and good thing to know that my husband and my family’s husband were my lifesavers 🙂 Happy thought isnt it?

Today, I let it go. But the question still lies in me. The word why? I becoming so chicky these past few days searching for the word & meaning of STRONG & BRAVE. Dictionaries cant just answer the real score. Its always the righteous and always the front battle. No elaboration of some thoughts like deeper sense.

I am concentrating on looking for what makes me happy other than LOVE. Of course I love LOVE. But I dont want to shower a person of my 90% full blast love because Im already saturated. I dont know whats happening to me. I just leave it all to God. Leave it all to the heaven that they would pity me & my good intentions on love.

Before I love myself like 10% and the rest was LOVE. But for a change this 2010 I will love myself more as for the haters will come I can carry the pain in a wild manner w/o any doubt of being happy in the end. Life and love is no fantasy. Life is full of mystery. That mystery are sometimes unacceptable.

I love you 2010. I hope and please love me too +_+


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