Posted by: foodtraveller | January 6, 2010

Upset to this Coffee Experience

Seattle’s Best, Megamall

DISCLAIMER: I am not blogging this one because I am anti-Seattle’s Best but I am here to point what I felt and tasted during that time. Dont worry it will be a full detail thing +_+ .

Here is the hint:

So this is our first weekend together (my daughter & my niece who already lived w/ me for almost 4 years now) for 2010, of course I already made plans of what to do but for an apparent reason it all suddenly changed. Weird.

We ate at Pizza Hut, Megamall & we have fun.. though not that happy also with the way it goes. Maybe this isnt my dream first weekend. After Pizza parlor, we roam around and found this art gallery. Its a wow. The last destination we already habitually do was go to a coffee shop! Okay I admit its always been my choice to sip coffee at Starbucks, but also tried the Mc Cafe once & every experience I had was with Starbucks (of any place) simply because their Espresso are my ultimate favorite.

Javanilla , grande

Its my first time to buy coffee at Seattle’s Best (Megamall). I actually dont know what to order.. at the cashier the baristas greeted us without looking at us at all. I told them I want espresso frap, but told me everything is an espresso based. They even recommend 2 flavor, one with jelly (in w/c im not a fan of) and the “Javanilla”. They even didnt ask what size Im up to and will it be here or take out! I chose the Javanilla, to my surprised it taste like ice cream. I really am upset. It taste milk to me. They clearly said that it is closed to Espresso frap.

chocolate chip cookie

We also ordered for a cookie. My daughter loves chocolate chip cookie and after having that my nine year old daughter said that it taste differently.

..since it taste like milk (in w/c i hate) my baby cant help sipping the last ounce +_+

Its Christmas season, though its already January, I think there are Christmas decors (atleast) left at the shop. But not even a single sticker was posted. The tumbler/mug section was also full of dust in which I found so yacky!

Lastly, when we stepped out of the door, I waited for the crew to say “thank you for coming (& relentlessly sip the ill coffee)” but no one even dare… even the person incharge outside the store.

I think I will never go back to Seattle’s Best, Megamall Branch but I guess I should try other branch for a benefit of the doubt!



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