Posted by: foodtraveller | January 5, 2010

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Year!!!

just posting my Christmas Party photo w/ my daughter kim (im in black & my baby in yellow) We ate at seafood resto 🙂

my photo last New Years Eve (am I wore out?) hahaha 🙂

New Years Eve is a huge MAJOR DAY for me. I had lists of things to do. List of plans. I also have long line of schedule for 2010. Wow! I also have motto in w/c I always do for 5 years already! Yehey!

My Mottos: (in w/c I have for motivation & guide in my entire year)
2006 ~ Organize Organize and Organize
2007 ~ Do whatever it takes
2008 ~ Keep moving forward
2009 ~ Positivity
2010 ~ Soul Breaking

What does my motto this year means? Well, Ive been to depression for the whole 12months of 2009.. I want a change! I want to be a free man of my own means. I want to search my love of matters & be free! Now I am singing break away of Kelly Clarkson where Avril Lavigne composed. I want anything that could feed my soul to be happy.

my 2010 journal 🙂 lot of thoughts 🙂

I will love LOVE more than its meaning, in any way and any how. Love makes me live & continue every detail of my life. I will gamble even the last part of me to find the real meaning of happiness. Love is like playing cards, you’ll never know whats next but can always manage how to win. I love the challenge of 2010.

Yes I will gamble. Yes I will be in love. Yes I’ll try to be good… 🙂

Happy kids New Years eve.. my daughter & her cousins @ home



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