Posted by: foodtraveller | December 19, 2009

Teapot set from CHINA

I found this set in discounted price in w/c i found cute & so adorable πŸ™‚

I cant give the real huge one so i decided to yes buy this in bulk at chinatown. This can be displayed. I love this thing in my home too. It makes me think I went back to some Chinese history w/c I found so relaxing. As an avid fan of “once upon in China” and “jet li” I found tea pot set as one of the appropriate gift this Christmas. Useful and so fancy.

the design & color I chose .. its fancy and i love it!

This will be wrapped in few minutes and Im so excited to give a dozen of them to different people I love. I just hope the oriental theme i got for them will be appreciated.

i love this miniature or not. well my tea & coffee vice will sure extend!

I walked miles and hours looking for this and the essence of Christmas really is giving special gifts straight from the heart w/o any complains & negativity. I love the Christmas spirit where you dont go budget & just look for the gift that fit to that person πŸ™‚

cute! hot water will feel happy!

… got to go and keep wrapping this up!


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