Posted by: foodtraveller | December 7, 2009

Its not COFFEE, im sure.

Cafe’ Reveu, Coffee & Frappe

their stall logo

I was so tired shopping & needed a coffee.I saw this little stall inside the mall & I think it is best to try this one & appreciate some little businesses. I want coffee & of course I wanna order for espresso. To my surprise it is just available when hot, not even available when iced. So I ordered for iced cappucino (close to taste huh) but the person in charge offered me their best seller (picture in frame wow!) and that is “rocky road” & I forgot the other one because my attention was on the menu list. I didnt buy what he offer.

stall display, to tell consumers that this is a coffee store???is it really necessary?

a little cutie xmas tree w/ menu list of smoothies in the row.. i thought its a coffee stall, but there are fruit smoothies on the go, i am now confused?!

Instead I chose to stick on frappes. He offered me COFFEE JELLY ROYALE. From the title itself its coffee & Im happy they have coffee frappe! The person in charge (only person in the stall, until someone came not in uniform singing & texting, but Im sure he is not an employee) made my coffee. I asked him several times to make it taste good or just a taste of coffee (since I asked for one). The presentation was good. I like him carefully plating my cup.

simple cup w/ glossy sticker, i like that idea! cheaper than customized 🙂 but i think the straw shouldnt be that huge, & it cracks easily...

Then I sipped. WHAT THE…. did I really order for coffee or milky something w/ a lot of sweetness? I feel bad. It doesnt taste coffee. The ice wasnt crushed as I expected. The jelly in it are hard & for me its not jelly if its not soft – logic. The first sipped was blunt, plain & tasteless. Then as Im on the middle, it taste sweet. I am still wondering wheres the bitter taste of coffee? Until I threw the cup to the garbage (I didnt finished it, not even half) I am disappointed.

i dont know what brand of frappe is this??? but he does present the coffee well 😉

For the value of money, well its cheap P65.00 only for meduim size but its not worth the coffee pleasure. I found a NESCAFE VENDING MACHINE offers P15.00 for a hot coffee & it taste so so so good!


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