Posted by: foodtraveller | December 1, 2009

From now on

Starbucks Trinoma

From now on I will love and give importance to my one & only daughter. Ive been busy & unorganize this past few days. I dont even know how to fix my ownself. Ive been busy with household chores & been locked on my stressful routinary cycle.

my baby & i at starbucks / coffee for us!

There are nights I feel guilty that I dont use to tell stories and go to bed with that bratty girl because I am so busy downloading some business photos. I lost tracked!

enjoying every sip!

I know its not too late. I will do everything again. I know Im not perfect but I will perfect the role that the Lord gave me. The role of loving my daughter forever. I admit she is bitchy hell at times but what will I do? It came from me? My flesh & my blood. As we are having this wonderful coffee bonding we are both writing stuffs. I dont know what topic she started. All I know is we are both writing in silence while sipping my espresso & her choco coffee.

she's a gifted writer!

I promise to start going back to reading together. We used to be amazed to a shallow topic od some sort before she sleeps. A little younger & past stretching I used to make up some wild, adventure sories & mostly history of a certain thing. I will love to bring back the times! 🙂

i will love you forever baby!

I often tell stories about my childhood, how hard it is& how painful & will always end up crying. I love the senti moment!!!!

I will really bring back the old us baby kim!


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