Posted by: foodtraveller | November 30, 2009

What it is to be broken hearted

What it is like to be broken hearted I always ask myself if there will have a time that I will never be broken hearted. I am happily married with one daughter. When I am alone & feel rejected I feel broken hearted. I feel that Im worthless and so damn lonely.

My baby makes me happy. But she is not at my side I feel alone & sad again. I dont know how can I recover. My husband makes me happy, but since he is working abroad I also feel alone. My baking hours makes me busy so as my craft, but if its done, I will be alone again, in silence & feel sad again. How will I change?

Is there something wrong with me? I will pray so hard today that I will surpassed the loneliness & the feeling of broken soul. I will never loose hope. I will be happy. I will free my soul in everything sad.



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