Posted by: foodtraveller | November 26, 2009

Where’s Everybody?

I am awaken by this question this very moment. I am suppose to write something but instead I asked this myself this question several times today: Where’s everybody? I mean everybody.

I am not suppose to be bitter. Of course everybody is just busy this holiday and I guess the value of laugh, listening & bonding will set aside. How will I classify the deep meaning of friendship. Friendship– well doesnt only mean our circle of friends but the mere relationship like our relative & other people around us. I miss everybody like how we go out & take time to bond which also helped our soul to grow.

I also been so quiet these fast few days maybe because of some personal & family issues that arounds me. I dont wanna make it so controversial & kept it to myself. But no one ever ask how am I? No one ever asked how’s my damn lonely day.Solutions that came on my sole soul is weak. But I just prayed that may God guide me as no one is with me. I smile because smile follows by peace. Its a long process but I am trying to reach the peace I want & stop questioning myself about other people.

I think I made my point. There are some people not so true and some people so true that cant handle the truth per se. I know I sound strange but the hurt inside me is still here though it gradually diminish every words I release. May God help me.

Where’s everybody? But then again if that’s the case, just smile & peace will follow. There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you. I am like roaming in a planet alone with the wind. …but I just saw a grass hugging my feet 🙂 thanks baby kim!


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