Posted by: foodtraveller | November 24, 2009

Dinner at Bannaple

& so there we are with my Dad

This day is like a storm in Las Vegas. Or a Tornado in the dessert. Lot of emotions. Plus the rain is not friendly. Traffic everywhere too! At the place we dont have place as the resto was jampacked! And i thought I will be having a bad day. I tried to create another me, to continue smiling & continue loving.

papa's angel here in Pinas

The latter part of the dinner, everything became light. Though of course the existing family problem is always there. I hate to accept reality that most of the time our family has misunderstanding. Everyday I prayed this will change. Or atleast lessen.

I know it will. We just need time to communicate. We just need time to heal all wounds, we just need time to be ONE. Its my biggest fear, that my dream wont come true.


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