Posted by: foodtraveller | November 18, 2009

Batman in Gotham City Cupcake for Francis

details of the batman cupcake 🙂

13pcs of chocolate cupcake w/ chocolate creme’ recipe I made. All was made w/ gum. the back ground buildings are gumpaste w/ styro (props- not edible +_+)

This is for my sister’s son Francis. Originally it is Ben Ten. Then shift to Batman. Honest — I will never lie about this — I am afraid to make a figure topper as in may face na cartoons. I have so many worries. That I cant make it perfectly. Especially, boy theme ayyyy a challenge for me. But what I like about my sister is she always motivate me in things that I dont know.

I am still awake 3am for this 🙂

I love the way she deliver “kaya mo yan, sus!”. And the moment she told me that all my negative feelings were gone. In our lives & in one point of it, there is always a down moment & definitely our love ones will uplift us.

Being awake till 3am because of this isnt a big deal really. I always want a happy sweet thoughts in it. I may not the best (w/c is true) but I always make it a point that I have my touches. Those personal thing is what my clients always told me. There is something on it that makes difference or feels different – though in their eyes there is nothing. Its the emotion & happy aura I put in it.

This is my own pre-set up presentation at home 🙂 There are background props w/c is the building made of gumpaste attached at styro 🙂

To francis, happy birthday! Consolation: I got a kiss from fran! yipppeee!


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