Posted by: foodtraveller | November 15, 2009

Johann’s Skateboard & Spideman theme Party


month ago me & friend are talking about Johann’s coming birthday party turning 7. I love if she will order the cake & cupcakes of course. Then she did.


skateboards that I personallt painted w/ edible paint!


cupcake tower I personally made , that can hold 100pcs!!!

She order for 50pcs banana cupcake & a cake in banana too. I wonder why banana because everybody loves chocolate, finding out that banana is her children’s favorite flavor. Johann the celebrant wants a skateboard toppers. The cake that i made, bottom (8″ square) is chocolate & the top is 6″ banana w/ banana filling πŸ™‚


tower set up πŸ™‚ red & blue theme

I love to see my friend from college that I havent seen more than half a decade ago. My first time to meet her children too! Both her children, Lindsay & Johann are so cute. Plus, would you believe that religiously cake details are photo captured this time I failed to do it because of time pressure. (layo ng Alabang as in, have to have service & fly that car away!) But God is great, Im not making drama here but for several times HE showed me that prayers are the most powerful tool in everything. I prayed not to be late so that I can prepare more. I am 1hour & 10mins earlier!!!! I got a time pa to re-touch πŸ™‚


Pixie fairy with my cupcakes & my cake πŸ™‚

I love when PIXIE THE FAIRY did some photo shot at my cupcake & she wants more πŸ™‚ ayyyy i love it & I am thinking of putting it as my avatar/profile/primary picture. hay hay hay … paano na si my melody?


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