Posted by: foodtraveller | November 8, 2009

How dark is black?


my birthday dress 🙂

I am wondering what to wear on my birthday? I always have this all black style for a long time already & quit the colorful attire & retain the very colorful accessories to match!!! I found this good outfit mixed with gray white & my black. I found my self picking it & add on my closet. Generally who doesnt want a happy color? Im not even an EMO. I am always a happy person. I want fun & most especially colors. Maybe as I aged, Im afraid to try new bold color and worry that it might not compliment to my body anymore. Im trying to fix this problem by working out, but it will took me a long time until I recover. Im happy with the development. I still like daring black and I will never forget adding that fashion to my senses. I love playing up w/ fashion 🙂 Accessorize is my thing!!!


sleeveless 🙂

How black is black? How dark is black? There’s no apparent fix explanation to this. Its classic. Its more versatile. So strike-anywhere-style. It fits me.


my closet 🙂 all black 🙂

But this time , Ill be more open to some color streaks to my black. A fun happy black that I can wear anytime & anywhere.


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