Posted by: foodtraveller | November 8, 2009

And its my Birthday!


Im thirty & Im not afraid but I have so much to share for another 30 years!


proud to say Im thirty 🙂


blowing my cake! 🙂

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday happy birthday to you! and that ends my babies song 🙂

Yes I am 30. Im afraid. But not scared. I am very sure that I aged gracefully. I am very sure that I am one of the cool moms out there and its important to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy me.

I am glad. Though I celebrated with just two visitor or should I say they are not. They made me feel angry & sad most of the time but what can I say? I am looking forward for my next 30 years to be more productive & build my own legacy & name. I wanna be remembered in a positive way.

I wanna thank my husband who happen to call me up from California. He’s at work. I guess that is one reality I am used to face. Hugging the reality than avoiding it is better. I wish that it will change. Maybe a decade from now. One day we will be together. Who knows it might be tomorrow.

Nothing happen today like party or anything. Though I was committed months ago that I will celebrate because I am on my half my life span 🙂 (average, I am not saying I’ll die 60). But I guess I have to postponed for some important matter. Few of my friends texted. My sisters texted. Some gave me messages. Out of 400 to 600 people I know 20 people greeted me and that okay than nothing 🙂 I love parties yes but why cant I have one on my own birthday? Ironic isnt it? Ive been do tired lately and almost stressed with lot of things. I guess that’s given fact on my life.

I am about to make my own cake this week & I promised my self. That’s a wild & weird commitment I come up wishing. I wanna put my only daughter in good life, that’s two, I want her to have the most utmost foundation that even w/o my guidance she will be successful. Third, a safe trip to my husband. I always worry when he is on a plane. What a jerk I was. Most especially when he is at work. I never forgot to include this two things on my wishful prayers. That’s my greatest wish. I know it will not be just a wish it will happen.

Whom I like to thank?
1.Mhoy – who’s been part of my life, happiness, hopes & dreams
2.Kimberly – who always makes me smile & dream more

Kristine, Leslee, Dixie, Pia, Allyssa, Alleo, Kirk, Miguel, Fran fran, Ena, Tere, Elna, Mina, Estie, Tin, Olive, Marge, Clara, Lorena, Jack, Lance, Makmac, Mommy Vicky, Daddy Eddie, Boyet, Rona, Abby, Leianne, Kylie, Mhy, Bong, Nicole, Ishi, Iya, Wilson, Jowi an, Joan, Mama & Papa.



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