Posted by: foodtraveller | November 5, 2009

My German Comfort food

HERO’s Cheezy Frankfurter Sausage Sandwich


giant frankfurter VS. very thin cheeze frankfurter

Today I got the chance to go mall alone. I am looking for some birthday stuffs. I found it intriguing to taste some cart food. First I tried waffle in cheese flavor. I learned something. Its not good to eat waffle when its hot! Second, I bought 2 waffles in bacon and the kids hate it! They just bite one try and that it!


mall stall/cart

While walking way home saw a new cart on the second floor. Its Hungarian sausages. But there was a post that state different Frankfurter sausages flavor. The items are cheap that’s why I wanna try it. I saw someone ordered for a jumbo cheese frankfurter. Since its my first time I will try the junior. To my surprise its thin & lifeless. The banner they have state that they had garnishes. All you have to do is add P5.00 for every garnish. Its just 6pm but the seller answered its not available. For me its always wrong to operate w/o your items complete. hayyy. Then some buyer asked if the Spicy Frankfurter Sausage is available and still the answer is –> not available. What!?


a little sandwich that I bought 😦

Its time for taste test. I found it very blunt & plain. Well, you maybe full if you are hungry. But if you are just taking time to test the flavor I guess HERO wont be the answer. Might as well go down stair & take 2 or 3 pesto at French Baker. Its just P38.00 and so affordable but I guess for me its not worth tasting the Hero Frankfurter. Im a certified Hungarian sausage fan. The one in mini-stop is always my comfort food. The spicy taste is the best!

Maybe Im wrong. We all had different taste to consider but that’s my review for today.


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