Posted by: foodtraveller | November 2, 2009

A Chef Hat Cake for Bianca’s BF


Chef cake that I finish 3am!

6X2 Chocolate cake covered with pastel black fondant. Topped w/ Chef Toque/Hat in mini cake. Mini cake is covered w/ white vanilla fondant. I made the messages made in candies. The message placed in board were also edible painted in aqua blue, but I glued it, that makes it unedible. I made a personalized candle holder (FIRST TIME) that was made of gum paste. Except for the letter, every thing was hand molded. The number 19 was checkered, that I hand painted. Hope Bianca likes it šŸ™‚


Details of my cake šŸ™‚ YUMMY

Upon my travel, I learned something. So many lines talking to my head. I am wondering its weird of me taking order/s from a client during vacation. Maybe the love of baking and my craft was into it. As much as I wanna sleep & let my hand rest I am looking for some work & be productive.

They thought that because I am a mom I dont do anything. My life is idle & full of rest hours. But they are wrong. I had lots of errands to do. Lot of books to read. Homework to make (my daughter’s). Painting to finish. Work to be done & submitted as I am haggling for a deadline. My 24/7 is not enough. But for the love of my found work, I wanna do it. I am happy to do it. šŸ™‚

Please be with me. Explore & create some good craft. Then share. A little penny & labor wont hurt you, not even your income but will uplift your spirits that we can be worthy of anything beautiful. Smile šŸ™‚


this was where I came from ANTIPOLO, my travel worth it after hearing so many nice words from my client!


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