Posted by: foodtraveller | November 1, 2009

My Italian Pleasure

Italiani’s, Tomas Morato

Italian food is my comfort food. I love the flavors & their aromas. I love how they mixed the food flavor & most especially, I love how they complicate simple recipes. Challenging.


I had a great time eating Italian cuisine

I ate at this casual dining restaurant, Italiani’s, 2nd time already. I love their Pizza. Yummy. But this time we aint order one but did ate a lot of new exciting flavors. The breads are great. I love the olive oil. Brucheta is number one for me. Of course I love their tall glasses, huge white plates, huge little plates, heavy plates & spoon&fork and a warm cozy Italian ambiance.

The espresso was a great sip. I love it. The seabas fish isnt my fave to ordered because of the stinky smell of the fish but Ive tasted it & found it okay. I love their soups. A little of it makes me full already and if you will match that with bruscheta it will be YUMMY!


pasta is my all time favorite italian dish! 🙂

I go for spagetti meatballs and the two giant meatballs wont finished by little kids themselves even they are two. If you are hungry I guess you will! The steak is not so good for me. It is tough & the sauce doensnt taste different. The seafood fetuccini was creamy & though it is not a thumbs up to kids, I find it very delightful. The chicken popcorn dipped in two sauces are perfect but the kids prefer to dipped it on olive oil. The pork isnt Italian’s expertise I guess. But they cooked it very well.


Italian's secret to good food are HERBS

Italian’s secret to a good taste are HERBS. I love it so much. The combination of different taste makes me crave for more. Their price isnt that friendly. One bread would cost you about almost P150.00. I guess you must have atleast P500.00 per person.I guess I gained lot of pounds after this event. Again Italian dish is the best for me.


Halloween Event 2009


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