Posted by: foodtraveller | October 31, 2009

Halloween for Adults


just playing around being a witch 🙂


dressed as baby-ballerina-bride 🙂


I just went home from a Halloween party. Back in my childhood days I never had one. Everybody invites us but we are like “we cant, my dad doesnt want us to…” & we are so sad thinking & wishing that we attended +_+ Now its like every year I make it to a point that my daughter will cherished the word FUN. Yes Halloween isnt a Filipino thing but the spirit of fun is a filipino thing I may say! Filipinos are known “happy-persons”!


my baby tots - niece in baby witch & my daughter in baby-ballerina-bride 🙂

I organized a dinner for friends at a fancy Italian restaurant wearing (a requirement) a fancy costume & a real smile. Dressing up in halloween is the same as dressing good in Christmas. Colors are so much fun. I can just imagine if you will miss those stuffs in your life. ayyyy… Not all kids are priviledge in attending a party like this (especially in crisis) but having fun doesnt mean extravagant penny to spend. The sense of being together will do. Watching tv w/ horror scenes is okay, most of the tv shows these week are horror & grab that opportunity to watch while our legs up to the couch with FAMILY. So who says we cant have fun????


we are happy more than the kids!

My baby tots (niece: wearing baby witch and my daughter a baby-ballerina-bride) in costume too. I am in fancy too! Originally I wore my flower costume. Yes, I am a flower!!! Yippppeee! I love EARTH! But to my surprise in the middle of the event, my Friends requested me to be a WITCH! hahaha. Rather than a witch I wanna be a GLAM-PIRE rather than a vampire! yehey!


my real costume Im a flower fairy!

I didnt win the best in costume coz my friend Estelle won! Yippppeee! She wore a vampire costume w/ cape & horn PLUS a vampire make up! Congratulations!!! She won Victoria Secret item.


our so happy costume 🙂

How I love dressing up! I wanna be barbie, I wanna be tinkerbell, I wanna be marilyn Monroe and a lot more 🙂 Overall, the food was great. Service was great. My friends are great. Just the rain, but its okay. So fun. I cant wait to be fancy this Christmas 🙂 winxs*!


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