Posted by: foodtraveller | October 31, 2009

Hair Fashion

I am just wondering why 3/4 of my life I had this long blonde hair? The last time I cut a hair to make it short was when I am 9 years old & that’s it. The shortest hair that Ive been to wasnt really a short one. Until now I cant even find an answer WHY. Maybe because I want my hair to be part of my over all look. Maybe because I always want my hair to have something on it. And MAYBE because my husband find me pretty in long blonde hair… i dont know 🙂


peacock feather 🙂


dark green with stones 🙂

My friends & family sometimes found my fashion so loud, but I think I am not going beyond the extremes. I only want a loud-colorful-pretty-hair-accessories. It makes me feel I am pretty & happy. My hair piece are expensive & I treasure collecting many of it.


black hair piece/ combination of feathers, lace & ribbons

I never follow any fashion. Im not comfortable with that. I want my own look. The moment I started having my own fashion everybody is like – what? And up to this moment I still stand for what I believe & will be right for me. I am happy if I noticed that a friend or just someone wants to wear like I wore before 🙂

The accessories I posted was quite expensive but I am not telling you guys to buy the same. There are lot of cutie accessories to check & try out. Dont ever limit your self in one side. Explore! Smile!


what if you wanna wear what I wore last halloween? like this?


my fashionista friend had one too!

I dont know if people will tend to realized so as to understand that fashion is merely expressing the inner personality in you. I am an artist & I express my love of art through my fashion. Dressing up, Dressing down, who cares its you. Its what you can express & share to the world. Being happy can reflect what you wear & how you wear it. Enjoy your everyday fashion & smile!!! 🙂


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