Posted by: foodtraveller | October 29, 2009

Japanese food and problem solving



for vegetarian - tofu

As we bought some halloween costume @ a certain mall, we went to eat first at Pho Hoa, but we decided to go japanese instead of vietnamese hahaha (girls are like that :>) hihihi … my sis loves the chopsticks as much as I hate the feeling of using it 🙂 but everybody must enjoy every changes and try some things we arent used too! Its a great tip.

pork tonkatsu w/o sauce :(

Primarily we chat a lot about anything under the sun. From simple to complicated ideas. One is she always help me out in my marketing strategy that makes me appreciate my sister more. She is a hands on PR Manager for my on line shop and I love that! I never imagine life w/o her words 🙂

tea & ice tea plus water :)

About the place we dine in, well I can say my sis didnt enjoy as much as I enjoy their tofu! Its not my first time to eat here but I always love the TOFU. I am a tofu-lover and given a chance to be a vegetarian I can survive w/ tofu as my meat. Really. The service isnt that prompt. I always blog importance of CUSTOMER SERVICE. As a food lover myself, I only go back to places where I feel I am a queen. My sis loves the sauce of the pork she ordered for me and she wants me to take a taste but for several times of follow up, the pork was gone on our table due to hunger, the sauce & the wasabi was a too late to partnered the respective meals. ayyyyy…!

I wasnt able to eat the noodles beside my bento because I cant. The taste isnt good. The noodles are hard & it smells awful (TO ME). But I love their ice tea. I love their soy sauce. That’s what I love in them. 🙂 Atleast I love two items from them 🙂 This branch is very different from the Timog branch!!!

since i love beef i order this one but..... :(

I failed to asked my sis if she gave a tip since she paid tru mastercard?! I guess not. Because the wasabi didnt even disturb my spicy taste bud. hahaha (poetic)


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