Posted by: foodtraveller | October 29, 2009

Eating as Bonding Time

eating time as bonding moment

KFC, Trinoma

My sister’s son celebrated his birthday very simple but so many activities. It was celebrated with KFC in w/c her children loves their chicken so much. Personally I hate eating when its so crowded and uncomfortable I may say. When no one helps you in every of your nees.. I feel unsatisfied. I just witness how crew acts carelessly when several times, accidentally bump the customer’s food. Hayyy. Wet floor all over and then no one dare to mapped it out immediately. I saw the manager roaming around and yet they didnt even comfort us for the lack of chair. The civilian guards arent doin’ anything too. The kids enjoy their stay. I love these kids because they always find reason to enjoy. Until we are done, the civilian guards are just standing until my daughter left her purse & saw those civilian guards have the purse. My dad politely told the guard that its ours. I am just confused because this person saw us still not that far & didnt even bother to give the purse back voluntarily. tsk tsk tsk…


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