Posted by: foodtraveller | October 29, 2009

Butterfly theme cupcakes for Ramiel Alliyah


butterfly toppers I hand molded this 2am

I am still awake 2am finishing my cake toppers but I am not on my half count! I need 30 butterflies & yet I am just on my less 15 count 😦 Im tired and so sleepy. Dizzy and aching back but what will I do? I need to finish this. My daughter has a class tomorrow as early as 6am and have to fetch her 845am (its exam day). How will I manage a golden time. I always have problem with that & I am so stupid.


30pcs chocolate cupcakes for a 2mos. baby πŸ™‚

Morning arises & Im already cramming. But everytime this butterfly smiles at me all my stress diminish! I made their eyes BLUE like me, if only I can make them blond also hahaha πŸ™‚ the butterflies are epitomy of the word happiness & I am so happy thinking how colorful they are πŸ™‚

I made the cupcakes a chocolate one, frost w/ vanilla ice cream buttercreme’ & topped with all edible butterflies w/c are hand molded in vanilla sugar. Lastly the name of the celebrant were all made of vanilla chocolate sugar that were molded using a cutter.I love sugar toppers. They are all cooperative I may say. The weather is so great too for sugar molding. Many times that I vocally say I hate the moist of the rain.

Over all, I am satisfied with my creation today. And living with this message (below) is an ultimate yiiippppeee:

thanks ms.mona..the butterfly was so perfect!! the cupcake was so yummy…my eldest ate 15 cupcakes in just 30 minutes,,imagine that…hehe…well ms.mona till next month again for my baby 3rd month..and for my baby baptism this december as well..thanks to you again…


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