Posted by: foodtraveller | October 29, 2009

Superman Cake for a Monthsary Celebration

superman theme as monthsary cake :)

I was committed to make a superman theme cake for a Monthsary celebration. I thought its sweet. But the pressure that I will have because honesty I am not a perfect cake decorator especially when it comes to boy theme. I still have to research on many things just to learn detailing. You cant be a successful cake decorator if your creativity limits you on things that you dont know. It is a number one rule to learn.

superman cake details

cake details

The cake is 6×2 chocolate cake covered with fondant. Superman logo is made by sugar. I molded it my hand. Made an improvised template since I dont have real superman cutter. I draw the logo & traced it. The cape is also made of sugar. I cant perfect the red color that I want so I decided to hand paint the logo. The cape, I chose not to make it so red like the logo to just contrast the colors. The message was hand painted also with blue.

Overall this is a thumbs up —> sweet thoughts=love


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