Posted by: foodtraveller | October 20, 2009

Jogging with my STAR

im with my daughter and niece

my baby running w/ umbrella???

my baby running w/ umbrella???

First time that I went jogging and dancing w/ these kids. I dont want someone w/ me when Im running coz it judt makes me stop. With this kids its like Im stopping every 30secs… 🙂

Overall, we enjoy. We walk to the grass that oh so green. I like it so much. The breeze isnt that good because of the sunrays. The kids run as much as they want and later on get tired. They wanna stay longer but we cant because its so hot!

running and running

running and running

Its kids first time to visit this park — LUNETA PARK — of the Philippines of course where our national hero JOSE RIZAL were shot to death by the spaniards. Wheow! What a history!

Anyway, there are lot of landscape to be found here like trees & plants of all kinds, ponds, monuments, murals, lot of grass and a lot more to see. That day there are field trips also from I think Elementary grades.

I wish we could bond again in the morning. I took couple of videos and pictures to keep also. That’s a mommy-thing. I love this day. So much.

fastfood pancakes

fastfood pancakes

These kids went on a pancake after a tiring morning but they told me they dont like it much as they like my home made pancakes. Yehey!!!! I am so touch that they love my home mades. Thanks babies!


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