Posted by: foodtraveller | October 11, 2009

Pizza: 1:30am and still up!

yellow cab's four seasons

yellow cab's four seasons

We did some marathon of cartoons today with my daughter and niece. And finished around 2am. Its Saturday and we are free! Friday evening until Saturday evening is our ultimate YEHEY days. Saturdays usually we go out, but we decided to save money. SAVE??? common, late night around 12:45am we ordered at Yellow Cab. I just noticed that every week there is a huge pizza box in our table??? hahaha +_+ (i think i gained 100 more pounds!!!) hahaha.

posing for Yellow Cab and eated so much!

posing for Yellow Cab and ate so much!

YELLOW CAB: New york style pizza. I used to order Pizza Hut, but theres no point in trying some stuffs. Yellow cab’s more new york and I am more Italian. But I kinda like the 4 cheeses and the pepperoni and hate the smell of their anchovy flavor. Its very salty for me. The price is higher but I guess its worth. The delivery boy is polite and that’s what I love and an ultimate thing for me. I guess that’s it.

its all gone mom! *giggles*

its all gone mom! *giggles*

Our cartoon marathon did teach me a lot of simple lessons. I did enjoy being at home giggling w/ a box of pizza 🙂


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