Posted by: foodtraveller | October 2, 2009

Nothing to do +_+

Its raining again. Nothing to do. I am not a fan of movies and t.v. that’s why if I dont have a thing to do I groom my self a lot. As a matter of fact I am like this before I even got married.

me on the phone

me on the phone

Above photo shows how busy my phone is. It disturbed my vanity time! hahaha ^_* Im actually curling my hair. Not minding the rain ahead of my home again. Im covering my trauma up on what happen to most of the Filipinos while typhoon odyong came.

i curled my hair *_*

i curled my hair *_*

Well, I hope the rain stops and every may move on to their lives. To what they used to do. Maybe lot of woman was like me when they dont have a thing to do, curling their hair in the midst of the rain???


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