Posted by: foodtraveller | September 13, 2009

@ LASALLE: My Experience in front of Audience :)

Hello everyone!

Its almost midnight and yet Im still awake, thinking what words will I describe my experience today. Im tired, aching feet and so so much headache but what covered it is a heavenly happiness.

I was invited by Lasalle to be one of their speakers for their HRM Society’s 13th Year Anniversary 🙂 (haha akalain mo yun na-extra pa ako hihihi) … At first I am hesitant because of my busy schedule, but for the love of arts and baking YES! I made it ..

The storm makes me smile. How in the world I am travelling to Lasalle with 3 bags full of tools when PAGASA declared no classes until college level! But still I did wanna come 🙂 — it is my committment weather I am soaked into wet or injured I will come.

Tarpaulin :)

Tarpaulin 🙂

The tarpaulin makes me nervous! My big face and blue eyes are there! Thanks to Tere, RC, Jomar and the rest of the team for helping me out in everything. For making me feel I belong. I got a chance to meet other Chefs too. BIG TIME! In the waiting area, I can hear them debulging lot of achievement/s. The’ve been here and there and there and here. I smiled 🙂 They even got their albums full of beautiful creations. But me.. I have nothing to show but my smiles :)While they are all exchanging their resumes’ I am praying that I do hope its my time already so that I’l have time to call my daughter and talk about lot of stuffs regarding the event.. hahaha 🙂 — mommy-matter. Besides I dont need to discuss more on me, because Im not applying for a job to sell my profiles and boast achievements 🙂 (hahaha) and I dont need to flag where I study, what particular country and how much is my tuition fee. All I know is I am there to enjoy and to EAT! yehey!!! But of course my dear friends, I am a CHEF and that’s basically it. Extra na lang yung na law school ako 🙂 at nag masters 🙂

Lasalle students

Lasalle students

yes! that's me!

yes! that's me!

My time has come. My audience starts from 50 that before I ended it turned 200++ !!! Itchyworms -the band is playing already at one hall but they stick to finished what I started to discussed! COOL. Then everybody is asking if I teach 🙂 Even Lasalle teachers wants to enroll 🙂 By the way, I love how Lasalle introduced me “the most fabulous chef they know” hahaha… and I dont know where the hell they got some info about me. Maybe at one of my album named “THE BAKER”
*especially me wanting to become a lawyer!

people who help me :)

people who help me 🙂

Well, its not about getting clients here. Its more on sharing my trades and my secrets. Its hard I admit, but I got to promise already that my mission in life is: everybody must have their source of income in whatever manner that I can share and inspire. If I’l share my business recipe I wont have a job anymore. But its okay, as I said, because in this world nothing really is permanent. But your legacy and conscience will reamain as time passes- by helping others to change their lives- into better ones. Corny and sounds fancy but for me its me.

Again, thanks Lasalle. For being an amazing crowd. For every jokes that I cracked they all laugh. For every ideas I saw them writing it down. For taking me pictures and signing their shirts, that I feel I am a celebrity ones more. For a big clap and hoorays. All those I treasure so much.

Chef in actions

Chef in actions

Thank you Lord, for helping me out spiel whatever that can be useful for them. Now I know my mission as a CHEF, to spread the word and be a living proof that all of us can dream and succeed.

me and my friend tere :)

me and my friend tere 🙂


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