Posted by: foodtraveller | September 8, 2009

My shock absorber’s birthday ^_*

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Literally I dont have a visible mom, that is why I am so grateful that she came into my life.

I havent plan an extraordinaire birthday prayer but I know she knows how I love her so. I began to talk to her years ago when Im in a worry. I ask for her guidance and she gave me all.

I dont know if people will believe me that I got all my hand talent in her guidance. I told her let she help me in praying that may my hands be as powerful as the famous cake decorator in town. And through our joined prayers I had it. I also pray for more clients. And I know she helped me out that’s why clients poured on me. I beleive in her helping me pray to Jesus’ never ending love and blessings.

Now its her birthday, the only gift I had is the flowers me and my daughter offer. I almost cry today thinking how in the world I had a mom like her whom love me truly.

Mama Mary thanks for being a mom to me 🙂

from Mama Mary's grotto

from Mama Mary's grotto

i love you nanay! :)

i love you nanay! 🙂



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