Posted by: foodtraveller | September 7, 2009

Going to Law School

2 days ago I received a great news. Me going to Law School 🙂 It is my childhood dream to be a lawyer. But being an early mom and financially drained person, it detriment me before. Now Im past 25 y/o I still want to pursue my goal before I die.

Im happy. That’s why I personally visit the said school. I am so confused now. Why in the hell I have to choose and think? Not everybody passed the exam. Not everybody will have the chance to study. I went to the church crying because I dont know what to do! I need a great sign I said. Studying Law is equally serious as studying medicine. The time, the hardship and the money— it is my problem.

I texted 3 people closest to my heart and only one person answered back. She said GO! My dreams will come true. My dream is her dream she said. And I am so grateful about that sign.

I am so worried. My husband didnt know the news. I am afraid he will refuse. I am afraid he will reject the idea. My dad didnt know this also. He is the master of confusion. He never supported any of my fields. None of my friends knew this. Im afraid they will confused me. I am afraid they will judge me. I am afraid they will discouraged me.

Up to this moment… going to my dream of becoming a lawyer is a big question mark. I dont know what to do 😦

November is the enrollment day.


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