Posted by: foodtraveller | September 3, 2009

What it is like to feel alone?

I dont know what exactly to say. The words that will be posted here are merely my personal feelings. Yes, my personal feelings. I am also a victim of being alone. It is like you are drowning and no one can save you. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner without parole…

Being alone is scary at first. But how did I survive? How in this cruel world I and the rest of the loners survive? geee.. it remains unanswer, until I found out something.

I found out that I am not really alone. Confused? hahaha me too 🙂 You know I assessed that I am not alone. I have my poems with me, I have my paintings and I still have earth to live in. Even everyone (what I mean is a human being) already left me out.

Being alone is just a temporary action I guessed. We can find some solutions after we figure out productive way to keep us busy. Painful. No one will judge your crafts though you have your “obra” with you 😦

What I want to suggest is– if time comes that you are alone but still have pens and paper w/ you just write some stuffs and you’ll be relieve (temporarily). If in times like this you have your gadgets.. more good I guess.. because you still have the option to blog and share the world that in that day you are alone 🙂 winxs!


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