Posted by: foodtraveller | September 2, 2009

One of the exciting word for me :)

First time to make a blog after creating an account last night. ^_* First. What an exciting word. Today I got a chance to try street-aerobics where everyone is having a dance exercise at the park w/ a very loud music! So many different music from a fast to slow one. Primarily I am there to sweat my butt out!

I saw oldies who are fitter than me.. and I kept telling myself “what the heck!” I have my own music in my ear at first but I cant follow the aero-dance at all so I removed the plug in my ear and dance until I wear out! haha. 🙂

My first aero-day is an exciting experience where I still jog after for satisfaction. I just cant stop! And I actually visited the breeze of the bay which happen to be near the venue. I am so happy seeing how the waves cheer me up to congratulate for a job well done!

From now on I must keep a promise to have my aerobics everyday as possible. It makes our soul healthy.


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